(Q) I’ve changed the name server settings and my site is not showing?
Name server changes usually take 24 to 48 hours to fully start working. This period, is called propagation.

  • You could also try flushing the DNS on your system, Type ‘CMD’ within windows search, ‘Bottom left’, Then type ‘ipconfig/flushdns’, Then press the return/enter button.
  • Try clearing your browser history and or press the ‘F5’ key.

(Q) I’ve entered the wrong login details to cPanel / Webmail, Now my site won’t load?
Our system may have seen this as a ‘Brute Force Attack’, You can try using a different internet connection, In such case, Please open a support ticket letting us know your IP address so we can check to see if it’s in our block list.

(Q) My site is showing a ‘Suspended’ screen?
Please contact our support team by opening a new ‘Ticket’.

(Q) I need to ask for help with my hosting account I have with WPH?
In such case, Login to your member area to open a new support ticket.